Woman considering taking the abortion pill

Should I Take the Abortion Pill?
Have you taken a pregnancy test? Or are you too nervous about what your result will be to take one? We know the feeling. Many pregnancies are unplanned. If you know you’re pregnant and you’re considering the abortion pill, arm yourself with accurate information so you know what you can expect and how to protect your health.


What you need to know about a medical abortion…
A medical abortion is a two-step process involving two different medications. The first medication is called mifepristone, which halts pregnancy growth. The second medication is misoprostol, and it can be administered orally, buccally, vaginally, and sublingually. Misoprostol causes the pregnancy tissue to discharge from your body. Depending on the healthcare provider, they will tell you when to take each medication. However, both medications are typically taken within a 48-hour window.

What happens after both medications are taken?
Cramping and bleeding usually start one to four hours after taking misoprostol (the second medication). Women see large blood clots or clumps of bodily discharge. Most women pass the fetus in four to five hours, but it’s longer in some cases. The cramping and bleeding will slow down after the pregnancy tissue is out. Yet, you may experience cramping for several days and bleeding can last anywhere from nine to sixteen days after a medical abortion.

How will I know if the medical abortion is working?
Cramping should start within four hours of taking misoprostol, which indicates the medication is working. For some women, this will cause physical discomfort. Bleeding may also occur. It means the medication is discharging the fetus. On average, bleeding and cramping peaks around four to eight hours after taking misoprostol.

Are there side effects?
For most women, the process will feel like a heavy period or resemble an early miscarriage. Side effects may include:
– cramping and muscle aches in your abdominal area
– heavy bleeding with large bodily deposits, potentially up to three to four weeks after
– upset stomach and vomiting
– diarrhea
– dizziness
– tiredness
– low-grade fever (99-100°F) or chills on the day you take misoprostol

It can take anywhere from six to eight weeks for your body to feel normal again. A follow-up appointment with your physician is imperative, especially if you continue to experience a fever after 24 hours of taking misoprostol.

Is there anything I should do before taking the abortion pill?
According to guidelines set forth by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Society of Family Planning, “Counseling must first emphasize early pregnancy options to ensure that a woman is certain about her decision…” Additionally, many states (including Nebraska), require an ultrasound before an abortion. For these reasons, Essential Pregnancy Services offers free pre-abortion screenings and consults to all women in need of pregnancy services.

During your clinic visit at one of our locations, you can receive a lab-quality pregnancy test, as well as an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and to determine if it is viable; that is, if your body is preparing for a miscarriage or if you have a condition like an ectopic pregnancy which would be a medical emergency. If the pregnancy is not viable, there’s no need to spend your money on the abortion pill.

We provide all pregnancy services at no cost. You do not need insurance, there are no hidden fees, and we don’t profit from the decision you make about your pregnancy.

We know how scary an unexpected pregnancy can be, which is why we are here to help you navigate your options… because you have more than one! Call or text us for confidential support or request an appointment online.


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