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When you submit a request for an appointment, it is considered pending until a staff member calls you to confirm the time you have selected. If you make an appointment after business hours, you will receive a confirmation call on the following business day. We look forward to serving you!

SERVICES BY LOCATION || Beginning Monday, April 5, all cost-free testing services will be provided at our Maple Village (3029 North 93rd Street) and Bellevue (908 West Mission Avenue) locations. Life Services including boutique shopping, educational classes, professional counseling, and social work appointments will continue at our Benson location (6220 Maple Street). If you have questions regarding this change, call our helpline at 402.554.1000. Thanks for noting this important change!



Before you make an appointment or visit EPS, please review our current policies (provided below) so that we can maintain a safe environment for all.

1. If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please do not schedule or attend an appointment. We can reschedule when you are feeling better.

2. We will conduct a COVID-19 screening before you enter our building, which consists of a temperature check and asking a few questions about your current health.

3. We currently have a No Guest policy at all our locations. This is an effort to reduce possible exposure to COVID-19.

4. A mask must be worn at all times while in EPS centers.

If you are unsure about whether to attend your appointment, call our helpline at 402.554.1000. We look forward to serving you. Thank you!

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