Your Friend Is Pregnant, Three Ways to Help Her

Marks of a good friendship include the ability to be a thoughtful listener, to offer comfort when others are suffering, and to have the desire to walk alongside a friend through the best and most difficult of times. However, learning someone is pregnant and facing uncertainty can leave even the most well-meaning friend questioning how best to help. Since you, as a close confidant, can make a significant difference in your friend’s life at this time, these are three tips that can guide you in your hopes to be helpful.

Tip #1: Support Her
This can be a scary, uncertain, and overwhelming time for your friend, which is why our first tip is to support her. Perhaps you may not always know the best words to reflect your support, but she can feel your support by the way you listen to her concerns and feelings. Before offering your opinion, ask her if she’d like your feedback. This will help her know you respect her. If she welcomes your advice, you can encourage her to think through all her pregnancy options. If she doesn’t know her options, you have the opportunity to share with her our contact information and to encourage her to call for confidential, free help.

Tip #2: Do Research
Knowing the services we offer will help you feel confident suggesting that your pregnant friend seek assistance at EPS. We provide information and compassionate care to help empower women to make informed decisions about their pregnancies. All services are provided at no cost in a safe environment with no obligations and no judgments. Services include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, professional counseling, and much more. After confirming a pregnancy, we advise all women to have an ultrasound because ultrasounds can determine if your friend’s pregnancy is viable. This is important because many pregnancies end in miscarriage. In addition to this, an ultrasound can determine how far along she is in her pregnancy. Regardless of what pregnancy option your friend pursues she will need this information, especially if she’s considering an abortion.

Tip #3: Schedule an Appointment
Your friend is facing one of the most important choices of her life; that is, to have an abortion, place her baby for adoption, or to parent. Encouraging her to schedule an appointment is a vital first step in making an informed decision. You can even attend the appointment with her. Additionally, you can give her confidence that she’ll be cared for at EPS by staff who have faced similar situations and are committed to providing her with compassionate care.

To schedule an appointment at one of our three locations in Nebraska, call our helpline at 402.554.1000, text us 402.669.5563, or access our online easy-to-use scheduler now: click here.


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1. If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please do not schedule or attend an appointment. We can reschedule when you are feeling better. If you are unsure about whether to attend your appointment, call our helpline at 402.554.1000.

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