Pregnancy can be a joyful time in life. It can also be a scary and intimidating time, especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. We know that uncertainty is best conquered with knowledge. And so, this month we have all the information you need to know about home pregnancy tests.

We’ve thought about the many questions we had when taking a home pregnancy test and compiled answers to those questions in one place for you. As you find answers to your most important questions at this moment in your life, we are reminded of the whispered words to fictional character, Lucy, in famed book Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis: Courage, dear heart.

In other words, do not be dismayed about the uncertainties before you, yet face them with courage. Your courage has the power to conquer your fears, distractions, and frustrations of the present. And, remember as you are reading, we are here for you!

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?
It can be hard to know when to take a pregnancy test. You may be concerned with taking it too early, or perhaps, you may be nervous about your results. We understand. For all practical purposes, though, we encourage you to wait until your period is late. If your period comes every 30 days and you haven’t had your period on day 31, you’re considered late. The reason we suggest waiting for a missed or late period is, if you’re pregnant, your body will need to produce enough hCG, known as the pregnancy hormone, to be detected by the pregnancy test. This doesn’t happen until the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus. Finding out if you’re pregnant can be nerve-wracking, but the sooner you can find out, the better. Remember, you got this!

Essential Pregnancy Services provides cost-free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. Call or text our helpline for support now.

Where can I get a pregnancy test? What kind should I use? How to take it?
Along with knowing when to take a pregnancy test, it can be hard to know where to get it and what type you should get. Nowadays, you can get a pregnancy test almost anywhere, Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and even Instacart! There are several different types of tests, but they all essentially operate the same way. Although some tests are more sensitive than others, meaning the test can determine a positive result with lower hCG levels than others. The first thing to do is to check the box to ensure the test isn’t expired. Next, depending on the test you get, you will either collect your urine and dip the pregnancy test in it or use your urine stream on the dipstick. After the urine is on the dipstick, you’ll need to wait the allotted time; as challenging as that can be, it is essential. Finally, a symbol or line(s) (depending on the test) should appear in the result window.

If you’d rather not take a pregnancy test at home, we would love to offer you a free pregnancy test at one of our clinics (Maple Village, or Bellevue). It’s nice to have someone there to support you and walk you through your results. Our pregnancy test is a high-sensitive urine test that gives you your results within minutes.

I already took a pregnancy test but are the results really accurate?
If you already took a test or two and your results were positive. It can be a lot to process, especially if a pregnancy was not what you wanted. Perhaps you’re wondering if the tests are accurate or if you’re getting a false reading. Most tests claim to be 99 percent accurate. However, there can be certain instances where a false positive result can occur, i.e., a recent miscarriage or abortion, certain medications, or evaporation lines. This is why we offer a pregnancy test and a free ultrasound.

Perhaps, you wanted to be pregnant, and your test result was negative. Could it be wrong? There are a few reasons this could be the case. First, you couldn’t wait until your period was late; we understand it’s hard to wait. Second, you checked the test sooner than the package suggested. Third, your urine wasn’t concentrated enough. The best way to avoid the last one is by taking your pregnancy test first thing in the morning.

Where can I go if I need help with my pregnancy test or my results?
It can be hard to figure things out if you are nervous, anxious, excited, or stressed. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can drench up a lot of different emotions that can range from elated to defeated. So, here are some suggestions if you find yourself in one of these scenarios:

Scenario #1 – If you received inconsistent or conflicting results such as faint lines, or evaporating lines, or a positive test, but you still aren’t sure, why not make an appointment with us at Essential Pregnancy Services? You do not need insurance; all of our services are cost-free!

Scenario #2 – Your period hasn’t come yet, but you got a negative result. We encourage you to wait (we know there’s that word again) a few days and then take another test.

Scenario #3 – Your period is still late, you took another pregnancy test, and you are still receiving a negative result. The best thing to do is to contact your health provider. There can be numerous factors causing this, and your health is so important! If something is amiss the quicker, you learn about it, the quicker you can address it.


Essential Pregnancy Services exists to provide cost-free pregnancy services to women experiencing unexpected or under-supported pregnancies. All services offered during pregnancy and beyond are free and confidential. Learn more on our website. Request an appointment online. You may also call or text our free helpline.



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