Life can be hectic for moms already caring for children. Sometimes the idea of adding one more anything (especially news of an unexpected pregnancy) can feel…hard. Hard emotionally, hard mentally, and hard physically.
If you have found EPS because you are facing an unexpected pregnancy and considering abortion, or if others are pressuring you into a decision, we are here to offer you a listening ear and free services– professional counseling, material assistance and more. There are no hidden fees or obligations. Call or text our free helpline to confidentially connect with a nurse, or you can request your appointment online now.

When It Takes a Village, Who Are Your People?

As legend goes, there once was a creature who had many burdens to carry from one place to another. The burdens felt so heavy and overwhelming that the creature felt paralyzed by the task before her. Days turned to nights, and she did not move.

A fox passed by but did not help because he was barely making it on his own. A lion passed by next. Too prideful to be bothered with any burdens, he kept on his journey. A gazelle approached next and suggested the creature just abandon her burdens and carry on about her regular business. Tempted, the creature wondered if it was possible to forget her burdens; she saw their value but stood to follow the gazelle into darkness. As she stood, a light peaked on the horizon.

A flock of birds approached and landed before her. They saw her burdens, and without a moment of question, they suggested, “If you will tie the burdens into small bundles, we’ll be glad to carry the weight with you. There are more of us. No burden is too heavy.”

With a nod of the creature’s head, they did just that. With renewed hope, the creature began to pick up the bundles one-by-one and started the journey with her new friends flying alongside her. With each day, she gained confidence and strength until her burdens no longer felt so heavy.


Is Abortion Really the Best Choice for You and Your Family?

“Everyone tells me I should have an abortion. I’m unsure and really struggling.”
“I don’t know how to support the kids I already have.”

These are two concerns we often hear from our clients. If you, too, have a family, find it tough to make ends meet, and are uncertain who your “village” is to help you with this unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. There’s free help for you at EPS! There are no strings attached. We exist to uplift you and your family with compassionate care. Learn about our Pregnancy Testing Services and wraparound Life Services on our website.

Call it a blessing, good fortune or whatever; you can trust that there are people in this big, wide world who want to see others become strong, joyful, and successful. We don’t expect anything in return. All you need to do is make the first move and call, text or request your appointment online now. EPS is here to support you; no burden is too heavy.