Are you pregnant and under the age of 18? If you are, this is a must read. Being pregnant at a young age can feel scary and a lot to deal with. We can help you today, so feel encouraged and keep reading…

What can I do next that will help me in my current situation?

Below is a short list of what you can do right now to get help with your unexpected or under-supported pregnancy. If you’re not ready to call us yet, keep scrolling to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.


1. Call our confidential helpline:
When you’re in an uncertain situation, it’s best to connect with a trusted adult as soon as possible. We have nurses on staff who you can talk to right now and who will guide you through your situation. If you feel more comfortable texting us.

2. Request a free appointment.
You can request a free appointment over the phone, by text, or go online to our online scheduler. There are some simple steps you must take to confirm your appointment so make sure to read the instructions.

3. Secure transportation to your appointment and decide if you want to bring anyone to your appointment.
In preparation for your appointment, make certain to figure out how you will get to EPS on time and who (if anyone) will be able to accompany you. We provide medical services in Maple Village (in the 93rd and Fort area in Omaha) or in Bellevue, NE. If you’re not sure how to get to EPS, call us and we can help you figure out what to do.

4. Make a list of your most pressing questions.
We get asked lots of questions when ladies learn they have a positive pregnancy test and think they may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). We offer testing and helpful resources for both. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:
Could my at-home pregnancy test be a false positive?
How far along am I?
How do I tell my parents?
What do I do if I have an STI and I am pregnant?

5. Keep reading if you don’t feel like you can do steps 1 and 2 yet.

I’m pregnant and I’m freaking out! How can you really help me?

First, dear sister, take a deep breath and know you are not alone. We exist to provide you support at absolutely no cost. You can get help from registered nurses who have experienced situations like yours. We can guide you through all your pregnancy options and help you plan your next steps regarding your pregnancy.

I am underage. Can I be seen confidentially and without a parent?
You can request an appointment today and come in alone. Even though you are a minor, you have the right to confidential help. We will not provide your records to any person without written authorization from you. However, if you are in an unsafe situation, we will find the appropriate support people and services to ensure your wellbeing.

What happens at an EPS appointment?
At your appointment, we will spend time listening to your concerns, sharing pregnancy information, and guiding you through pregnancy options. In addition to our nursing team, we also have professional counselors who are available to discuss your situation and offer you additional resources.

If your choice is to parent, we provide free support and material assistance during pregnancy and beyond.

If you choose adoption, we can help guide you through your next steps.

If you are considering abortion, we can help you understand your choices, your health and empower you to make an informed choice.

Your feelings right now are temporary.
Have confidence that the emotions you’re feeling right now are temporary. You can get through this. And we can help!