We know that many women in Nebraska are searching for support as they face unexpected pregnancies, as well as factual information about abortion or resources for adoption and parenting. Maybe that woman is you. If it is, we can help.

If you are thinking about your pregnancy options, we encourage you to call or text our helpline to connect with a nurse now. Why wait when you can get free help immediately?


An unexpected pregnancy changes everything; it’s true. Maybe you’re thinking:

What’s this mean for my relationship with my baby’s father?
What will others say when I tell them I’m pregnant?
How am I going to support a baby when I’m barely making it?
How will I continue with my school/career goals?

If you’re having these thoughts, you don’t have to go through this alone.

In our nearly 50 years of serving women in crisis, we have learned a thing or two about navigating difficult situations due to pregnancy. The goals of our nurses and professional counselors are to listen to your concerns without judgment, help you understand your pregnancy (viability and gestation), identify health concerns, encourage you in your next steps, and connect you with people and resources. You have a voice and we’re here to listen.

Every service at EPS is free to you. There are no hidden fees and we do not profit from any decision you make about your pregnancy. You can request your free appointment online now, or go to our home page to see a full list of Pregnancy Testing Services and Life Services we provide to women during pregnancy through 18 months postpartum.

No woman should face pregnancy alone. We’re here to care for you!