FREE PREGNANCY TESTING || EPS offers free and confidential pregnancy testing in a private setting. Pregnancy tests offered at EPS are professional quality, high-sensitivity urine tests with results in minutes. Pregnancy tests detect hCG, a hormone present during pregnancy. It is most accurate to test for pregnancy after a missed period.

AFTER A POSITIVE TEST || Following a positive urine pregnancy test, it is beneficial to have an ultrasound. You may qualify for a free ultrasound at EPS to determine how far along you are, and also if this is a viable pregnancy. About 10-25% of known pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage and may require prompt medical attention. Our professional nurses at EPS will consult with you about your options and health so that you can make informed and educated choices related to your pregnancy.

* Upon receiving a positive pregnancy test, EPS will not put you under any obligation to schedule an ultrasound because we do not profit from your decision. Ultrasounds are free. 



I have had an amazing experience with EPS. It’s hard to find a place to start. The staff goes above and beyond making it a comfortable, helpful, supportive, and welcoming environment for their clients. I’m so thankful for each and every person at EPS who has helped me. I don’t know where I would be without them.