An unexpected pregnancy can bring the world to a halt, especially for a teenager. In an instant, you’re facing serious questions about your future.

Who can I confide in? Where can I go to get help and support? Which pregnancy option is best for me? What are my rights as a pregnant teen?

We understand how overwhelming it can feel, but you’re not in this alone. Essential Pregnancy Services (EPS) is here to answer your questions and support you from your first pregnancy test to your final decision. Keep reading to learn more, or call or text us for help now.

How Do I Know if I’m Pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant, the first thing to do is take a pregnancy test and get an ultrasound.

But, what if you can’t afford a pregnancy test right now? What if you want to be as discreet as possible? EPS provides free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound, so you can confirm your pregnancy in a compassionate, confidential environment. You are welcome to bring a parent or loved one, or come alone—whatever makes your experience more comfortable for you.

All EPS teen pregnancy resources are 100 percent confidential. We will never tell anyone about your testing results or your visit with us. 

Do I Need My Parents’ Permission for an Abortion?

If you are under the age of 18, Nebraska law requires that you get written consent (or permission) from at least one parent or legal guardian to receive an abortion, although exceptions can be made[1]. We encourage you to contact us contact us by phone or text to discuss this further. You also can request an appointment online right now.

However, you may feel that your parents deserve to know that you’re pregnant or want their help as you navigate the decision process. If you feel safe to do so, you may want to tell them once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy at EPS.

How Do I Tell My Parents That I’m Pregnant?

We get it—telling your parents that you’re pregnant can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life. It can be hard enough to process your own feelings, let alone put them into words. Below are some tips to help you get started:

Consider Your Options. While you don’t have to make a decision right here and now, it’s wise to start thinking about which pregnancy option would be best for your future. Need a safe, nonjudgmental place to explore your options? Consider visiting EPS. Our team of professional counselors is here to answer all of your questions regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Confide in Someone You Trust. If you’re unsure of what to say, confide in someone you trust first. They may be able to help you process your thoughts and feelings and put them into words. You could even practice the conversation with them to calm your nerves. 

Get Straight to the Point. When it comes time to share the news, get to the point. Delaying the nature of the conversation may cause tension and make each of you feel more anxious. You can be as straightforward as: “I have something difficult to tell you. It’s not what I planned, but I’m pregnant.”

Your parents will probably have questions. They may want to know how long you’ve been sexually active, how far along you are, or who the father is. These questions can seem accusatory, but they likely come from a place of concern for you. Remember, they’re hearing shocking news for the first time, so try to answer as calmly as possible and allow them time to process. If you feel your parents are open to knowing more about how you feel about your pregnancy, share with them the pregnancy options you are considering. 

If you’re concerned that either of your parents may react violently to the news, please speak to an EPS nurse now and we can connect you to a licensed medical professional or trained counselor. EPS offers this service free of charge. Our professional counselors are able to help you get to safety if you’re experiencing abuse at home. 

Teenage Pregnancy Resources in Omaha, NE 

Finding out that you’re pregnant as a teenager can be scary, but have hope that there are people and resources available to help you. EPS provides free teen pregnancy resources, so you can get the confidential care you need to make an informed and empowered decision. 

To speak with a nurse now, call or text (402) 554-1000. You also may request your appointment online.
1. Waiver of Parental Consent for Abortion for Minors. Nebraska Judicial Branch. (2023, January 3). Retrieved from